Program Requirements

Program requirements have been established for the purpose of ensuring that residents remain focused and undistracted from their goals and plans of active recovery. Behavior contrary to the program rules will be subject to review and ultimately dismissal from the program.


The Program Requirements are:

1. Mondays through Fridays, from 7 AM to 6 PM are designated program hours. Residents are expected to be on the premises and participating in program activities unless they are engaged in off-site programming; working, medical care or have obtained authorization from a R.O.P.E. House Caseworker or Program


2. Saturday & Sunday activities outside the house must be pre-approved by Program Director. Passes are granted at the discretion of the Program Director. Residents must be in good standing and have demonstrated that he is capable of handling his pass request.


3. Residents are expected to meet with Caseworkers at least once weekly to discuss their progress in achieving their goals and address any obstacles to their success.


4. Residents are expected to pay $125.00 a week for room and board.

5. Residents are asked to refrain from personal romantic relationships while in the program, which is found to compromise their recovery. If this is found that a resident is involved in a relationship, he will be asked to leave the program.

6. Residents who are not attending programs or working may be asked, from time to time, to assist in tasks related to the operations and administration of the agency. They are expected to do so to the extent of their abilities.

7. Residents who have been prescribed psychotropic drugs are expected to follow their courses of medication.


Cardinal Rules and Resident's Agreement

1. No Weapons

2. No Alcohol or Narcotics
3. No Stealing
4. No Damage to R.O.P.E. House Property
5. No Gambling on Campus
6. No Sex on Campus
7. No Violence or Threats of Violence on Campus
8. No Fighting on Campus
9. No Television or Radio Playing During Program Hours Which are 7AM to 4 PM
10. No Loitering Around or Trespassing on Property Adjacent to R.O.P.E. House
11. No Borrowing or Loaning of Money
12. No Cell Phones. If a Resident is Found to Have a Cell Phone, He will be asked to Leave the Program.




Residents are responsible for preparing meals during meal times as long as it does not interfere with program responsibility. Residents typically take turns preparing meals and cleaning kitchen. No food or beverages of any kind stored or consumed in bedrooms.




Residents are to be appropriately dressed at all times and in all areas of the House.
Unacceptable: No shoes or sleeveless shirts in dining room. No hats, headbands, scarves in the house. Pajamas and robes are to be worn in common areas.




The laundry room may not be used during House Meetings or between the hours of 10:00 PM – 8:00 A.M. each day.